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I am beginning a new section of my web site devoted to my Letters to the Christian Martyrs of the Tribulation Period.  God is pouring out His Spirit around the world, giving some of us visions and dreams of martyrs who will die for Jesus Christ during the Tribulation Period.  I will share many of these martyr visions and dreams that I am led to share with you to encourage the martyrs to live and die faithfully for Jesus Christ in the worst of times in the history of the world.


Hopefully some of you who read these letters will give your lives to Jesus Christ, and live your lives devoted to Him, before He comes in rapture, thus enabling you to escape the Tribulation Period.


Martyrs, be faithful in witnessing to as many people as you can so that they may receive Jesus Christ as their Savior during the Tribulation Period.


Instructions To Christians:  Print and give out these Letters To The Martyrs to as many people as you can before Christ comes and pray they find those who live during the Tribulation Period to encourage them before they are asked to give their lives for Christ.


Instructions To Martyrs:  If you can still get to these letters, share them with everyone you are led to share them with.  Hopefully they will encourage all of you to live and die faithfully as a Christian worthy of Christ’s approval.


The tables below contain the Letters to the Martyrs and the dreams and visions some of us are having concerning how martyrs are going to die confidently and faithfully for the cause of Jesus Christ.  Just click on the underlined links in the tables to be directed to the Letter or dream/vision you want to read.  

Letters To The Martyrs

What are Letters To The Martyrs of the Tribulation Period?

Letters To The Martyrs

of the Tribulation Period

Letter #1 - My Introductory Letter to Martyrs

Letter #2 - I Don’t Know Your Name But I Pray For You

Letter #3 - I Weep For You My Brothers And Sisters

Letter #4 - Accept That You Will Die As A Martyr For Christ

Letter #5 - Die Nobly For The Cause Of Jesus Christ

Letter #6 - Do Not Be Frightened By Those Who Oppose You

Letter #7 - Stay True To The Prophesies Given About You

Letter #8 - Treat Kindly Those Who Persecute You

Letter #9 - We are going to meet the Lord today.

My Dreams/Visions of Martyrs

During the Tribulation Period

My Martyr Vision #1 - A Young Lady Burned at the Stake