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My advice to all who read this letter:



If you are lost without Jesus as your Savior, I ask that you give your life to Jesus Christ so that you will not have to go through the Tribulation Period.  For those who find yourselves in the Tribulation Period, give your life to Jesus Christ and be faithful to Him unto the end of your life.  Then your soul will enter heaven and live eternally with Him.


You can accept Jesus Christ as your Savior by praying this simple prayer of repentance and devotion to Christ:


A Prayer of Salvation and Becoming a Christian:


Lord, Jesus, I believe You are the Son of God.  I am a sinner and repent of my sins.  I ask You to come into my heart and live with me.  Be the Lord of my life, which means I will serve you with all of my heart the rest of my life and will obey what You tell me to do.  Amen.


If you prayed this prayer in faith, believing Jesus saved you, you are saved and are a Christian.


Letters To The Martyrs



Letter #5 - Die Nobly For The Cause Of Jesus Christ



To the Christian Martyrs of the Tribulation:



Christians who live during the Tribulation Period will be killed for the cause of Jesus Christ.  I encourage all Christians living during that time to die nobly for Christ, for Jesus died nobly for you.


Jesus willingly laid down His life for you at the cross.  He didn’t have to.  He could have called ten thousand angels to come and deliver Him from His awful death, but He chose to endure the most cruel death to free you from sin and from the power of Satan so that you can live freely for God.


It will be your turn to die for Christ.  I pray God strengthens you to die nobly for Him.  Will you have pain?  Yes.  Will you suffer?  Yes.  But, Jesus suffered for you and He will give you endurance to stand strong in your death as well.


Jesus gained victory over death so that you can have eternal life with Him, if you are faithful until death for the cause of Jesus Christ.  Jesus desires you to stand strong in faith to endure your sufferings.


There are many people in history who have died nobly for the wrong cause.  What did that gain them?  Nothing.  But, dying nobly for Jesus Christ, as a martyr, is an honor.  And those who die nobly for Jesus Christ at the hands of their enemies will be rewarded with many blessings that you can’t even imagine.  Jesus has that great of a blessing for you that you can’t even imagine how wonderful it is... Waiting for you in heaven at the moment of your death.


Psalms 116:15:


“Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His saints.”


Here, Jesus is NOT promoting suicide at all.  He is saying that it is a precious thing when His saints die, because then they will live eternally with Him in heaven.  That is precious.  


If Christians have been faithful in serving Jesus Christ, whether they die a natural death or are martyred for the cause of Jesus Christ, either way, it is precious in His sight at their passing from this life to the next life; eternally to be in God’s presence.


Perhaps you have just gotten saved, thus you haven’t lived faithfully to Jesus, in your past, but that you are faithful to Christ from here on out is what is important.  You can’t change or redo your past.  You can’t go back in time and serve Christ faithfully for years before this... your present time.  That is okay.  You have to start from the present time in your relationship with Jesus Christ and live from here on out faithfully for Christ in obedience to Him.


Jesus desires for you to die in a manner worthy of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  He does not want you to shrink back from your death or be afraid of what you persecutors will do to you.  Be brave and be faithful to Jesus Christ to the end of your life.


I want to encourage you to stand strong to the end of your life for Jesus Christ.  He is proud of you.  He is waiting to receive you into His kingdom at the last beat of your heart.  Be faithful to Jesus and enter heaven with peace.


You will receive great blessings if you are faithful until death.


Revelation 2:10:


10.  "Do not fear any of those things which you are about to suffer. Indeed, the devil is about to throw some of you into prison, that you may be tested, and you will have tribulation ten days. Be faithful until death, and I will give you the crown of life.”


You will receive a crown of life, if you are faithful to Christ until your death as a martyr for Jesus.  Endure your pain joyfully as your reward will be great in heaven.

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