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My advice to all who read this letter:



If you are lost without Jesus as your Savior, I ask that you give your life to Jesus Christ so that you will not have to go through the Tribulation Period.  For those who find yourselves in the Tribulation Period, give your life to Jesus Christ and be faithful to Him unto the end of your life.  Then your soul will enter heaven and live eternally with Him.


You can accept Jesus Christ as your Savior by praying this simple prayer of repentance and devotion to Christ:


A Prayer of Salvation and Becoming a Christian:


Lord, Jesus, I believe You are the Son of God.  I am a sinner and repent of my sins.  I ask You to come into my heart and live with me.  Be the Lord of my life, which means I will serve you with all of my heart the rest of my life and will obey what You tell me to do.  Amen.


If you prayed this prayer in faith, believing Jesus saved you, you are saved and are a Christian.


Letters To The Martyrs



Letter #3 - I Weep For You My Brothers And Sisters; Martyrs In Christ  Jesus



To the Christians Martyrs of the Tribulation:



I weep for you and I am deeply moved in prayer for you because you are my brothers and sisters, not in mortal blood, but in the blood of Jesus Christ, a much greater and stronger bond than mortal blood can bond together.  Therefore, I hurt at the pain that you will have to endure in your suffering.


I am praying that Jesus gives you His great courage to face your attackers with a calmness and in the love of Christ that passes human comprehension.


I pray for you to have His strength to endure the pain and sufferings you will have to endure.  Although your sufferings may seem to last a long time for some of you, remember in that hour that Jesus is in you giving you strength to endure the pain He has destined for you to suffer… and then afterwards, you will receive your crown of life, a robe of righteousness and the reality of living with Christ your Lord forever in peace with no more suffering or pain.


I have seen some of you, in visions, and I weep for you because I know some of you will die terrible deaths.  But, no matter how you are asked to die for Christ, all of you are important to Jesus Christ and His kingdom.


I have literally begged God not to let some of you die in the manner in which the visions I received showed me.  Although God may not deliver you from these terrible deaths, God is still faithful and He will be there for you.  I know my prayers in supplication for you have been heard and God will give you peace to endure these terrible deaths faithfully.


His strength is so much greater than you can imagine to help you in this hour of your greatest victory for Christ’s kingdom!  My prayer is for your strength and faithfulness to Christ to the end of your life.

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